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Our Joy Makers

"I believe in bringing people to life, one song at a time....Every recital I was able to perform in, every stage I stood on, every audience I learned to connect with brought me that much closer to becoming a performance-ready musician. I needed a person all along the way saying, "You can do this! You have what it takes. I believe in you." I hope to give my students all of this and more in their private lessons at my studio. " -Alecia

Rebecca Krainik


Rebecca is available for in person and virtual voice lessons. 


*Interested in learning to sing with more power, work on high note power and gain better breath control? 

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with a minor in Musical Theatre from New York. Rebecca is an experienced singer, performer and actress. 


Rebecca is a dedicated voice teacher with a specialization in belting and breath control. Her extensive training and experience in vocal performance and musical theater have equipped her to help students unlock the power of their voices She believes in nurturing each student's unique voice, and tailoring her instruction to their specific needs and musical goals. You will be WOWED with Rebecca’s ability to explain vocal technique in a way student’s quickly grasp and apply to their singing resulting in positive vocal growth!  

Book a first time lesson with Rebecca today! 


Alecia Fiechter

Alecia Joy. Vocal coach. singing lessons. music lessons. piano lessons. private music lessons.

Alecia is available for in person or virtual piano and voice lessons.

Alecia received her B.A in Vocal Performance in Chicago. She has travelled the US and world performing, singing, giving music workshops and working with music groups of various ages. She performs locally with CFC Arts in Orlando.


Alecia has seen music as one of the most effective tools in giving people the ability to relate and communicate to others well. Through private lessons with Alecia you will learn how to use your personality and musical style to relate to audiences of all kinds.  One of Alecia's greatest desires is to be able to give her students the skills they need to connect with others through their excellence in music. 


Amy Ingvaldsen 


Currently not accepting new clients

*Interested in virtual toddler and baby family music classes ? Amy is offering Virtual baby and toddler family music classes via zoom


Amy holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance and is an experienced performer and music teacher.  She has been performing professionally since 2010 and has been teaching music to children for the past 7 years through musical theater and private lessons.  It has been one of her greatest joys.  She is passionate about fostering  musical ability and a love for music in her students.  


Amy has come to love and greatly appreciate the way Musikgarten curriculum develops young musicians and gives parents the tools they need to give them a fun and musically rich childhood! Her goal is that every child who goes through one of her music classes gets the building blocks they need to develop a musical love and confidence that will last a lifetime! 


Amy plays piano, flute, ukulele, and is currently working on writing her first full album of Lullabies.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband Ethan and son Elijah.  Her other passions include trying out new recipes, diy projects, exploring the great outdoors, and drinking a good cup of coffee.  You can find videos of her singing and music on Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube at Amy Ingvaldsen Music.  


Annie Hudson


Currently not accepting new clients

*Interested in virtual voice lessons from the comfort of wherever you are? Annie is offering virtual voice lessons via zoom


Annie has been singing since before she learned to talk, singing in church, school and specialty choirs, musicals, weddings and other events. She studied vocal performance and vocal teaching at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. She has performed in music groups and led music workshops here in the U.S., in South America, Europe, and East Africa for children, teens, and adults. Currently, she leads a team of musicians on Sundays in Colorado, weekly exercising her performance and leadership skills as well as teaching other musicians in her church to become more excellent in their music. 

Passion is ingrained in Annie’s love for music and singing. Her sights have always been set on high musical excellency, regularly auditioning for advanced singing opportunities and participating in vocal competitions. She loves seeing singers grow in their talent and ability, helping and encouraging  them to reach their goals wherever they are in their musical journey. 

“Having vocal coaches throughout my life has made all the difference in my singing, pushing me to become all that I can with the talents I’ve been given. I hope my teaching can be not only a help to my students vocal abilities, but also an advocate and encouragement to their hearts.” 


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